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Ervin Jones

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Ervin Jones was born in 1942 on a tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina, where he and his eight siblings had little time for hobbies like woodworking. After a stint in the Army, he settled into a job in West Virginia at a furniture manufacturing plant. There, he met and married his wife Susie and had 2 children. Soon afterward, they bought the house they still live in today on the outskirts of Huntington. The property, named Shadyacres, includes 1 & 7/10ths of an acre of land and a barn. The barn became Ervin's woodworking shop where he tackled projects for the house with practically no woodworking tools other than a hammer and saw. The mistakes he made while working in his shop on furniture or craft items provided firewood for his wood heater.

Ervin took only two short 2 day woodworking classes in his life. Each class was intended to expand his skills after he retired from the Postal Service. The first was a woodturning class at the Arts and Crafts Center in Ripley, WV taught him the basics of woodturning. His lathe has been kept busy ever since. The second class was with the famous box-maker John Wilson at the Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, KY and taught him the basics of Shaker oval box making.

In 2006 he was accepted as an artist at Tamarack -The Best of West Virginia, in Beckley, WV. His woodworking items featured there include cherry and maple Shaker oval nesting boxes and divided carriers. In the wood-turning division, Tamarack features his wooden bowls, Christmas ornaments, and wooden eggs, which are lathe-turned from native hardwoods.